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Succeed With CompuCram For PA’s Broker License Exam

Don’t Let Its ‘Sales License’ Label Fool You. This Helps Broker Candidates Too

There’s no getting around it. We admit it. CompuCram, one of the most powerful and compelling online real estate exam preparation programs ever created for Pennsylvania, was specifically written with salesperson licensees in mind.

Having said that, we’ll also tell you this: broker license candidates will benefit from it just as much.

The state broker license exam is tough, and purposely so. Pennsylvania wants to be certain you’re well qualified to lead your own brokerage, or work as an associate broker for someone else. What many exam candidates don’t recognize is that the broker exam relies on much of the same material used in the sales exam, in greater quantity!

Take a look at the PSI Exams’ “Candidate Information Bulletin” for the Commonwealth. Compare exam content outlines for salespersons and brokers. In the bulletin dated Jan. 18, 2016, here are test topics – and the number of questions covering them – in the “national portion” of each exam:

  • Property ownership. Salesperson, 7 items; Broker, 6 items
  • Land use controls and regulations. Salesperson, 5; Broker, 5
  • Valuation and market analysis. Salesperson, 8; Broker, 6
  • Financing. Salesperson, 7; Broker, 7
  • General principles of agency. Salesperson, 10; Broker, 11
  • Property condition and disclosures. Salesperson, 8; Broker, 9
  • Contracts. Salesperson, 11; Broker, 12
  • Transfer of title. Salesperson, 5; Broker, 5
  • Practice of real estate. Salesperson, 12; Broker, 12
  • Real estate calculations. Salesperson, 6; Broker, 4
  • Specialty areas. Salesperson, 2; Broker, 3

And in the “state-specific portion” of each exam:

  • Real estate commission. Salesperson, 3 items; Broker, 3 items
  • Licensure. Salesperson, 6; Broker, 8
  • Regulation of conduct of licensees. Salesperson, 21; Broker, 29

See what we mean? Future brokers are tested, in differing quantities, on the same material as future sales licensees.

CompuCram is online software that combines vocabulary tools, practice testing and simulated exams into an all-in-one solution for test-takers. The combined national-and-Pennsylvania edition is inexpensive, only $79. It’s dynamically updated to ensure questions, answers and explanations you read are the most relevant, accurate and current available. It mirrors the experience of taking the actual test, and you’ll never see the same exam twice. Watch the video above to learn more.

What’s best about CompuCram, we think, is its one-of-a-kind readiness indicator. The software actually tells you when you’re ready to take and pass the exam.

How’s it work? First the software presents a series of sample questions. It conducts an assessment to determine what you know and what you don’t, and your needs and weaknesses. Then it starts feeding you questions, asking you to match vocabulary terms with definitions, plays flash card games with you, and otherwise gets you involved in learning. With each answer you offer, it determines how well you understand the concepts involved and further fine tunes the educational experience.

Watch the accompanying readiness gauge, and you’ll see it turn from red, to yellow, to green as it measures your progress. CompuCram predicts when you’re ready to succeed. And you can use it on almost any device: most desktop or laptop computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Have questions? E-mail us at Call 1-800-220-2789, or fax 1-888-941-9500.

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Update Aug. 29, 2019