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Fr 9am-4:30pm Jul 28, Aug 4,18,25
MGV-32 07/28/23 AM-4
Residential Construction (30 Hours)

After taking this course, the student will be able to: identify and explain the structural components of a house and how they function; explain the positives and negatives of various exterior wall coverings, windows, doors, how they are installed, and problems which may develop; identify and explain the causes and effects of condensation and identify potential solutions; the installation, potential problems, costs, and maintenance of various types of roofs; various types of both heating and air conditioning systems as well as life expectancies, efficiencies, and replacement costs; and various types of electrical services, cable sizes, and overload protection.

This is a four-day, 30-hour course. It is Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission-developed for 2 credits towards broker's license requirements. Depending on Commission requirements issued during any renewal cycle, it has the potential to fulfill up to 14 hours of mandatory continuing education for salesperson's or broker's license renewal.

North Wales
Village Shopping Center 515 Stump Rd. Ste. 223
North Wales, PA 19454

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