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Fr 11am-5pm Mar 31
VL-3031 03/31/23 AM5Hr
Appraising Unique Residential Property (5 Hours)

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This course is approved for 5 Hours of PA Appraisal Re-certification.

Unique properties present situations that require an appraiser to assess competency, being willing to think outside the box on approach applications, use sound logic and judgement to produce credible assignment results.

All property CAN be appraised, and it is the job of a competent appraiser to navigate the path from assignment receipt to credible report of value. This course will begin by reviewing identification of problem, conditions, scope of work, and needed data with a focus on particular issues in these areas as seen with unique residential properties.

In Unit 2, students will begin digging into more specific unique residential property characteristics to ensure ability to recognize unique and complex residential assignments. Sales Comparison, Cost, and Income Approaches will be explored in detail for unique residential assignments via review of key elements, special considerations for situation, exploring alternative application techniques, and applying tools in sample situations.

Lastly, the course will explore multiple types of unique properties by identifying special considerations for each type and reviewing key factors of each that make them unique. By reviewing these situations, appraisers will increase competency of understanding these properties.

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