Commercial Brokers Increasingly Interview By Video

FORT WASHINGTON PA – Some commercial real estate firms are turning to remote video interviews with prospective new licensees as a way to better judge their personalities and demeanor, as well as to reduce expenses and increase efficiency, the GlobeStreet online real estate news service reported Friday (Feb. 27, 2015)

“A sparkling resume does not always equal a sparkling personality. And the face-to-face interviews needed to accurately judge prospective hires can consume a lot of time and money,” the article said. Read it here.

The chief executive officer of a Fort Washington PA-based video conferencing firm told the GlobeStreet reporter that “recent technological advances” in video streaming “have greatly improved its quality and lowered the expense.” The spread of web cams and in-phone cameras has also made the interview by video method convenient for hopeful applicants, he added.