Reviews and Testimonials

I really enjoyed my class with Andrew, he really explained everything in detailed. Thumbs up to you. Thank you.

thumb lamona smalley
August 16, 2022

Andrew Lesner was my teacher for this course and WOW, he was amazing. Very knowledgeable and easy to understand. He used his real life experiences which really helped me understand terms and situations that occur in real estate. He was also very funny and made me feel comfortable. I’m very happy with my experience and I just passed my first class exam and I’m pumped !!! Thanks so much Andrew and to the polley crew!

thumb Gia Fiorenza
January 16, 2022

Great Principles and Practices 45 hr Zoom class. Interactive. Great examples used to understand concepts. Andrew is a great presenter and teacher for this. The next class I take has a high bar to meet.

thumb Tami Bohm
March 5, 2022

Kathleen Bacon has to be the best instructor I've ever had for professional training. She is funny, engaged, and entertaining, while also being exceptionally respectful and understanding of the various learning styles of a very enthusiastic group of trainees. Kathleen is such a joy to learn from and I can't wait for my next class with her!

thumb Emilie Martin
January 16, 2022

Just completed real estate fundamentals with Andrew Lasner. Well executed all around! Mr. Lasner is effective, professional, detailed, responsive and personable. The class is informative, but hardly overwhelming, and it is formatted in such a way as to maximize student comprehension. The time also went by very quickly, always a good sign! 10/10.

thumb Oliver William Lopresti
February 12, 2022

Andrew (Andy) Lasner is a fantastic teacher, especially due to his hands on experience that he shares when explaining Real Estate situations. I highly recommend signing up for his classes. He also promotes participation and group interactions which help the class go by quickly while learning more than anticipated. Thank you for making me more knowledgeable Andy! "If you want it sold RIGHT, choose EnwRIGHT!" HA - See? I already have a tag line! (that's legal, right? I mean.. as long as my Broker's name and phone number are listed in the same size font as my name and phone number...)

thumb Lora Enwright
August 16, 2022

Great institution!

thumb Tom Toole III
February 12, 2022

I enjoyed my CE Real Estate Class with Andrew Lasner! Even though I am a seasoned agent, I still learned a few nuggets!

thumb Paula Ferrara-Garcia
April 16, 2022

I just finished Real Estate Fundamentals with Andrew Lasner as my instructor. Would highly recommend. Andrew was very knowledgable about topics covered in this class. Much insight was gained from the fundamentals course.

thumb monica le
October 16, 2022

I had Kathleen Bacon 🥓 for the Practice section. The class covers “a lot” of information she made it fun and very informative. She was an awesome teacher!!! I HIGHLY recommend her for anyone looking to get their real estate license. I certainly feel confident ‘Im leaving with a good understanding of the material.

thumb Carolyn Phillips
January 16, 2022

I just finished my Practice class with Andrew Lasner. He knows his stuff and he really taught it well! I definitely recommend taking his class!

thumb Kate Keichline
December 16, 2022

I recently graduated the Real Estate Fundamentals course under the stewardship of Kathleen Bacon. Words cannot express the immense gratitude I have for the amazing work that Kathleen put into the course to ensure that her students had the best opportunity for success. She made learning, especially in a virtual environment, fun, engaging and informative. The class time was filled with great energy, loads of real world applicable examples and most importantly a feeling of community. Kathleen's dedication to her students is paramount and I cannot thank her enough for directly forming the strong foundation for me to build my career in Real Estate off of. Thank you Kathleen!!!

thumb Rohan Sarin
February 12, 2022

I had Andrew Lasner for my Real Estate Fundamentals class, and the preparation and instruction that I received was fantastic!

thumb Andrew Feinberg
April 16, 2022

Just took the Exam prep course with Barry and highly recommend investing in this course. I took my test for the first time two weeks ago and didn’t pass. I had to wait a few weeks to get in the exam prep course but figured it wouldn’t hurt to take the test first to get a look at it before taking the course so I knew what areas I needed to focus on. The course simplified everything and gives you all the tools you need to prepare for the test. 10/10 would recommend.

thumb Carlee Viscuso
August 16, 2022

From the office to the classroom, Polley has been a great experience. Top notch, professional yet personable instruction was delivered from instructors Andrew Lasner and Barry Hoy. Highly recommend for real estate instruction.

thumb megan dunbar
January 16, 2022