New To Social Media Use In Real Estate? See This Webinar

As social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Linked-In and others grow and become more prominently used, real estate licensees unfamiliar with those names or how their software works may feel left behind. Don’t. Take comfort in knowing it’s never to late to learn, and with learning usually comes revenue.

To that end, it may be worth watching an archived webinar – that’s an online seminar – posted early last month (May 8, 2009) at CyberHomesBlog bills itself as a source of real estate technology, ideas and insight. The blog is owned, in part, by Fidelity National Financial Inc., the well known provider of title and specialty insurance coverages.

As one might expect, the webinar briefly serves as an introduction to a variety of products and services offered by its owners and sponsors. Get past the first 10 minutes of commercial plugs, however, and the information offered by its presenters during the following 50 minutes is worth the time and effort. Newcomers to social media should find it particularly valuable.

Of greatest interest may be the advice offered on becoming a trusted advisor, and creating a plan for releasing and distributing your personal promotional content on social media sites.

The archived webinar (it ran live once, was recorded, and then stored for future downloads) includes video, audio, and a directory of resources for websites mentioned during the presentation.


This article was originally published on the Polley Associates‘ blog