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Sa 9am-5pm Apr 27
NSQ-1380 04/27/24 SS1-2
Navigating Housing Styles and Choices (7 Hours)

Real estate licensees are greeted with many challenges but the one that is not addressed often is the inventory of home styles and options that are present in the marketplace. Clients and customers expect that agents to impart knowledge regarding the inventory of homes in the marketplace.

Each style has its own benefits and drawbacks, and what is a benefit to one consumer might be a drawback to another. By obtaining the knowledge about home inventory styles and features, licensees can give consult to the consumer, allowing the consumer to make a better-informed decision.

Before beginning to understand the implications of all of these choices and options an agent should learn to identify each home by style and type. They can begin to identify inventory that match with the consumer’s wants and needs. For most licensees this is all learned by experience. This course is designed to introduce licensees to the many options and labels, choices, and possibilities in the marketplace. This knowledge will make them better fiduciaries to clients.

After being exposed to housing styles and choices, agents will be able to accelerate their understanding of the choices in the marketplace, trends and opportunities available to their customers and clients.

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