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Th 9am-5pm Mar 14
PDJ-1383 03/14/24 AM-1-2
Commercial Module (7 Hours)
  • One of two required seven hour modules for PA real estate licensees completing continuing education for the first time
  • Veteran licensees are eligible to take this class for elective credit.

The purpose of this course is to provide licensed standard salespersons with a high level of knowledge and understanding regarding key areas of real estate practice. Content areas introduced in pre-license coursework will be further developed, amplified and reinforced. Material presented will enable the salesperson to “bridge” from their basic licensing experience to a high level or real world professional practice.

The seven-hour commercial module develops key areas in which a salesperson engaging in brokerage and/or management of commercial properties would be expected to be proficient.

Course Objectives:

From Real Estate Commission Outlines:

At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Develop professional business strategies that will both maximize professional development and ensure that the consumer is protected in accordance with current law.
  • Identify the most common areas of legal and/or disciplinary actions involving licensees providing services to consumers.
  • Explain (without practicing law) key elements and essentials of various contracts and other documents utilized by licensees in various transactions.
  • Recognize and be familiar with current legal issues affecting real estate practice (environmental, land use, etc.).
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