At Home with Diversity®

The At Home With Diversity® curriculum encompasses topics of diversity, equality, inclusion, fair housing, and risk reduction. Participants will gain practical skills and tools to expand their business and effectively serve all clients. Learn diversity sensitivity, how it applies to U.S. fair housing laws in your business, and ways to develop professional guidelines for working with people in the increasingly multicultural real estate market.

Course Goals

  • Develop an increased awareness of cultural and personal biases that may inhibit you from fully embracing diversity and creating a successful multicultural real estate business.
  • Learn inclusively, multicultural marketing and advertising strategies to broaden your client base.
  • Formulate an inclusive business plan to help you create an enduring business that is able to adapt and evolve to an ever-changing marketplace.

Course Learning Outcomes

Module 1: The Foundation of a Better Business: Embracing Diversity

  • Discuss the importance of embracing diversity on both a professional and personal level to grow a thriving and inclusive real estate business.
  • Summarize the cultural concepts and social categories that will help you to understand better, relate to, and engage with clients in our diverse real estate market.
  • Describe the immigrant community in the United States and their increasing buying power in the real estate market.

Module 2: Housing Policy in America: Past and Present

  • Outline the major historical events leading up to the Fair Housing Act and how it informs the need for inclusive housing policies today.
  • Summarize what’s in the Fair Housing Act, including its protected classes, its prohibitions, and its exemptions.
  • Describe the real estate practices that pose particular risks of discrimination and the process to follow in reporting acts of discrimination.

Module 3: A House Is a Home: One America Principles

  • Explain why One America Principles are a fundamental part of inclusive real estate practices
  • Articulate why embracing diversity and inclusion is important to effectively adhering to NAR’s Code of Ethics and applying Fair Housing statutes.
  • Describe how you can utilize the Equal Professional Model and summarize other strategies you can use to ensure your real estate practice is inclusive.

Module 4: Be a Diversity Warrior: Combating Bias to Create a Thriving Business

  • Distinguish between cultural and personal biases and how each can adversely shape our perceptions and behaviors when dealing with clients.
  • Explain how understanding the differences between high- and low-context cultures can help you to create a more successful and inclusive real estate business.
  • Summarize how nonverbal reading cues and active listening can help you better engage and effectively communicate with a diverse client base.

Module 5: Expanding Your Business: Inclusive Multicultural Marketing

  • Understand the value of analyzing the demographics of your community and creating an inclusive brand.
  • Explain the importance of networking and performing meaningful multicultural outreach in your community.
  • Create an advertising and social media marketing strategy that is inclusive and FHA-compliant.

Module 6: Creating Your Inclusive Business Plan

  • Formulate an inclusive business plan that embraces diversity and grows your business.