Licensing: Emulate A ‘Top Producer’

People At The Peak Of Their Profession

Everyone dreams of being the king of the hill, the pick of the crop, and the best in the business. In real estate, the best salespeople are known as top producers because their production is high: they sell more properties and list more properties for sale than almost anyone else. Not surprisingly, they usually also earn the most money.

The Qualities Of Top Producers

The top producers are:

Good listeners. They listen closely to what their clients tell them. Top producers probe, too; they ask lots of open-ended questions to uncover wants or needs their clients haven’t yet voiced.

Need satisfy-ers. Research over many years has shown people buy a product or service primarily because they perceive they have a need for it. Top producers meet the needs of sellers by executing marketing plans that sell their properties quickly at the best obtainable price. Similarly, top producers meet the needs of buyers by showing them properties that will fit their stated lifestyles, budgets, and intended uses.

Internet-savvy. More than 90 percent of all home buyers say they use the Internet to search for or purchase properties and mortgages. As a result, top producers maintain their own websites and quickly reply to e-mail, text, and social media inquiries.

Big on details. Top producers are usually early and never late for an appointment. They return phone calls. They find answers to questions. They write thank you notes. They dress and act professionally. They smile often. They are attuned to “little things.”

Service-oriented. Real estate sales is a service business. Top producers usually render the most service or the service with the most value, and consequently, get the most business.

The shoes of top producers are big ones to fill. But consider this: all top producers were once just like you, newcomers to real estate sales. They made it to the top. With hard work and perseverance, you will too.

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