Preferred News Sources Matter In Agents’ Promotion Choices

NEW YORK – From which media source do most people now prefer to get their news? The Web wins hands down, according to the just-released results of a Zogby Interactive survey taken in the United States.

Web-based sources rank far ahead of television, newspapers and radio as the preferred choice for news, Reuters News Service said Wednesday (June 17, 2009) in reporting on the Zogby study. More than half of those questioned said they would select the Internet if they had to choose only one source of news. Compare that to 21 percent who chose television, or 10 percent who chose either newspapers or radio.

Internet sources also were deemed more reliable than traditional media, Reuters said of the Zogby results.

These public perceptions affect real estate licensees as they:

  • Make promotional choices. Press releases about new recruits to a team, new professional designations obtained, new real estate services offered and the like increasingly should be directed to local online news sources, as well as to traditional media. If potential clients are reading news online, the news about your real estate practice must also be online to be noticed.
  • Make advertising choices. If customers’ eyeballs are focused online more than they are on paper or at the tube, you may want to reconfigure advertising expenditures to beef up online exposure for your real estate practice.
  • Solicit new business. As more people place more trust in web-based news, the overall level of trust in the web broadens as well. Over time, future clients may well show a bias toward real estate agents and brokers who demonstrate they are technologically savvy and web-centric. Now’s the time, then, for you to strengthen methods by which you reach out to and attract new prospects from the Internet.

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