Accredited Buyer Representative

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Accredited Buyer Representative

“Accredited Buyer Representative” is a Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commissionapproved course useful in obtaining a Pennsylvania real estate broker license.

The overall goals of the ABR® Designation Course are to 1) prepare real estate professionals to thoroughly represent buyer-clients in real estate transactions, and provide the quality of service and degree of fidelity to buyers that sellers have customarily enjoyed; 2) offer ideas and methods for building a buyer-representation business; and 3) develop a self-customized tool for conducting a buyer counseling session.

Students learn to:

  • Win the buyer as a client;
  • Form a buyer relationship;
  • Put buyer representation into action;
  • Make offers, counter offers, and engage in negotiations;
  • Bring transactions to a successful close; and
  • Win repeat business and referrals.

The Real Estate Buyer’s Agents Council® (REBAC®) was founded in 1988, in part to promote exclusive buyer agency. Over several years it redefined its mission to endorse buyer representation in all its legally-recognized forms, altered its direction and strategy, and expanded its sphere of operation. REBAC® membership grew significantly, along with public interest in buyer representation.

That resulted in changes to state real estate regulations, away from sub-agency – especially undisclosed dual agency – and toward direct representation of buyers. NAR® purchased REBAC® in November 1996, and the council has continued to oversee the ABR® Designation course and others.

Course Information

  • This is a two-day, 15-hour course.
  • It is categorized as Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission-approved for use in PA Broker Licensing. See the Polley Associates free Pennsylvania Broker Guide for more information.
  • It is worth one credit toward earning a Pennsylvania real estate broker license.
  • Depending on Commission requirements issued during any renewal cycle, it has the potential to fulfill up to 14 hours of mandatory continuing education for salesperson’s or broker’s license renewal.

Price: $235.

Student Material: This course may be accompanied by in-class materials distributed by Polley Associates.

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