PA Real Estate Continuing Education

We’ve got you covered, no matter how you want to complete your PA (or NJ!) Real Estate CE requirements

PA Real Estate Continuing Education

Livestream (Zoom) Classes

PA Real Estate Continuing Education via Livestream. Students attend via Zoom from wherever they can use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone—students must log in from a device that enables video and audio.

Students will see, hear, and interact with a Polley Associates instructor and interact with other students. There are no tests or quizzes, you get prompt transcripts, and it’s fun (or as fun as CE can be)!

Online Self-Paced Courses

Polley Associates for years has offered the widest variety of self-paced online real estate continuing education classes anywhere in Pennsylvania.

Choose a pre-made, inexpensive package of 14 hours. Finish at your own pace anytime before the renewal deadline. You control the schedule, so your day is never interrupted.

No tests, but occasional quizzes on what you’ve read. Transcripts within days.

Classroom Courses

Attend class in a Polley Associates classroom (we’ve got dozens state-wide), and get your real estate CE out of the way in the company of friends and colleagues.

Our instructors are knowledgeable, entertaining, and work in the business. Our courses are designed to get you thinking (maybe even arguing!) over policies, and strategies that affect your practice. They can help you make money, too.

No tests, no quizzes. Transcripts within days. And stuff you’ll talk about.

Need Something Special?

Polley Associates offers plenty of great choices in almost any continuing education you’re looking for.

First-Time Licensees’ CE

If this is your first time renewing a Pennsylvania real estate sales license, the state requires you to take two specific continuing education classes: the General Module, and either the Residential Module or Commercial Module.

PA Real Estate Continuing Education
PA Real Estate Continuing Education

Commercial Licensees’ CE

Polley Associates offers an inexpensive 14-hour package of online PA Real Estate Continuing Education courses, for those on the commercial side of the business, or you can make a 14-hour package that includes the courses you choose.

PA-NJ, or NJ, Licensees’ CE

Want to cover two licenses (for Pennsylvania and New Jersey) with only one course? Polley Associates dual-license sessions are for you. Need CE for a Jersey license only? We’ve got it too. Polley Associates is a New Jersey commission-approved school.

PA Real Estate Continuing Education

Our Tuition, Refund, and Enrollment Policies

When you enroll in, register for, participate in or attend any Polley Associates online course or class, you automatically agree to be bound by our terms, procedures, and policies. Please read them here.

Finished CE? Renew Your PA License

The Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission e-mails renewal notices two to three months before the license expiration date. Notices are sent via e-mail to e-mail addresses registered on the PALS website. Need to change your e-mail address? Do it here. 

Is Your PA License in Escrow? Reactivate It

Your license may be “in escrow,” or temporarily inactive if you decided against renewing it or missed the renewal deadline. You can’t legally work in real estate sales unless your license is active. Find the state’s instructions about reactivation here.