Already a Salesperson? Become a Broker!

Obtaining a real estate broker license is among the highest achievements in the real estate business. Only a small percentage of all real estate licensees become brokers or associate brokers. Broker licensees can choose to strike out alone and open a brokerage. However, many earn broker licenses for a far different reason: knowledge.

How Do I Start? What Do I Need?
Polley Associates Broker Guide has the Answers

 Polley Associates Broker Guide

Agents who know more, sell more. Polley Associates’ broker license education prepares them to answer questions knowledgeable clients are likely to ask … for example, about real estate financing, about real estate investments both well-known and obscure, or about starting and finishing residential and commercial developments.

The best benefit of becoming a broker is that it paves the way to greater efficiency, higher productivity, and increased profitability for real estate agents.

Attend Polley Associates PA broker classes Classroom, via Zoom, or Online Self-Paced

Live-Streaming Zoom Courses

Live-stream broker courses are available for your convenience.

Attend via Zoom from wherever you can use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone—students must log in from a device that enables video and audio.

Students will see, hear, and interact with a Polley Associates instructor and interact with other students.

Best of all, you’ll gain valuable insights into how to best satisfy buyers and sellers alike. That puts you on a faster and more profitable track for the future.

Classroom-Based Courses

Take a well-earned day off, travel to a Polley classroom (we’ve got dozens state-wide), and take your broker courses in the company of friends and colleagues.

Our instructors are knowledgeable, entertaining, and work in the business. Our courses are designed to get you thinking (maybe even arguing!) over policies and strategies that may affect your future brokerage. They can help you make money, too.

Self-Paced Online Courses

Polley Associates offers four (4) self-paced online real estate pre-broker courses approved by the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission.

There’s something for every interest: property valuation and sales pricing, the basics of appraising, and even what it’s like to operate a commercial brokerage.

CompuCram® helps you pass the broker licensing exam!

CompuCram® is one of the most powerful and compelling online real estate exam preparation programs ever created for Pennsylvania, and CompuCram® broker editions are specifically written with future PA broker licensees in mind. They’re available in three versions: a combined national-and-state solution, national-only, and state-only.

CompuCram® is a complete solution for anyone preparing to take the state broker licensing exam. Choose which version fits you best.

Find answers to questions about becoming a PA broker

We took questions we hear most frequently from agents interested in becoming brokers. Then we organized them by topic and offered complete explanations.

Looking for real estate broker education for NJ?

We’re sorry! No classes are currently scheduled. New Jersey does not allow courses online.

You’re an attorney? You could qualify for a broker license

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