Real Estate Vocabulary

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Polley Associates’ “The Vocabulary of Real Estate” consists of full-length audio files that can be used on your MP3 player, smartphone, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. It’s accompanied by a word study guide readable as an Adobe Acrobat document. The program has been specifically designed to help Polley students memorize legal terms and definitions that frequently appear on the state real estate sales licensing exams.
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1. Introduction to Real Property, Home Ownership, Listings and Brokerage
2. Interests in Real Property, Methods of Ownership, Government Powers
3. Legal Descriptions, Taxes and Liens, Contracts and Escrows
4. Transfer of Title, Title Records, Real Estate Law
5. Finance
6. Leases, Property Management, Appraisal
7. Land Use Control, Investment Closing
8. Construction Terminology

Right-click here to download the accompanying word study guide.