Licensing: What The Job is Really Like

You’re basically opening your own small business, so you must be motivated!

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Real estate is, above all else, a small business. A career in real estate allows you to become an entrepreneur, and a self-starter, without a large amount of money typically needed for start-up expenses. You’ll put in a decent amount of hard work, though, and some of it will be on your own.

A Broad Overview Of A Salesperson’s Work.

You must find people (Prospects) who want to buy or sell real property. That includes single-family homes, apartment buildings, shopping centers, office buildings, industrial properties, farms, and vacant land.

You must convince them that you can help them accomplish their goals.

If they agree to have you sell their property (Getting a Listing), you must market it to potential buyers. You probably will be called upon to negotiate the terms of the sale.

If they agree to have you help them buy a property, you’re now representing the buyer, you must find a property that suits their needs and desires within their price range. You probably will be called upon to negotiate the terms of the purchase.

You will be obligated to the state as a licensee – and to your clients – to conduct your business in a way that is professional, legal, and ethical.

When you succeed and close a deal, you will earn (get paid) a commission. The amount usually, but not always, represents a percentage of the price at which you helped a client sell or buy property. The percentage is agreed upon in advance by you and the broker with whom you are affiliated.

It’s Not Just Showing Houses. It’s Dream Fulfillment.

There’s way more to the business than just showing houses. It’s a real way to help other people fulfill their dreams, and earn a living while doing it.

Here’s the good news: you determine your own destiny. There’s rarely a boss looking over your shoulder. There’s no time clock. You come and go as you like. Your activity and schedule usually are your own responsibility.

Remember, though, you can’t reap a benefit if you don’t put in an effort.

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