Licensing PA: Save With A Package

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Polley Associates makes it easy to enroll in the Pennsylvania sales licensing courses you want, with our money-saving packages.

PA Pre-Licensing: Choose from Classroom or Livestream (Zoom) Packages

  • Career Start Package: you’ll receive both required courses, Fundamentals and Practice, and required textbooksAdditionally, you’ll get our Sales Exam Prep course to prepare for the licensing exam and valuable study materials. Classroom Career Start Package: $600; Livestream (Zoom) Pre-Licensed Package: $532
  • Career Start Package PLUS: You’ll get everything listed in our Career Start Package PLUS… you’ll get our “Real World Real Estate” course: Best Start. Best Start includes an additional year one guidebook and a one-day virtual class that reviews helpful information and ideas to help get you up and running successfully in the real estate business. Classroom Career Start Package PLUS: $635; Livestream (Zoom) Career Start Package PLUS: $650

PA Pre-Licensing: Online (Self-Paced) Packages

Self-paced online courses combine the comfort and convenience of learning at home. Use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You get both courses, Fundamentals, and Practice. No need to purchase books or other materials; everything’s online.

  • Pre-Licensed Package: Includes both required courses, Fundamentals and Practice. ($495)
  • Pre-Licensed Package PLUS: Includes both required courses, Fundamentals and Practice and the highly-rated CompuCram®, a course to prepare for the licensing exam. ($560)

Looking for individual courses? Choose from Livestream (Zoom) courses, Classroom courses, or Self-Paced Online

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