Licensing PA: The Value of Preparation

Improve Test Results Using Sales Exam Prep or CompuCram® Exam Prep

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The only thing more frustrating than failing a test you didn’t study for, is failing a test because you studied the wrong material. With the right study and preparation, it’s possible to succeed on the state real estate licensing exam on the first try.

Here are a few useful tips:

  • Don’t allow yourself to be tricked into logical – yet incorrect answers.
  • You must be able to differentiate between two answers that are close to the correct answer.
  • Have deep and broad knowledge of specific topics and many topics.

For those ready to take the licensing exam, Polley Associates offers Sales Exam Prep course or CompuCram® online exam prep.

Sales Exam Prep will increase your test-taking skills, provide concise study materials, ensure you are studying the right information, and identify weak areas in your knowledge. Designed as a one-day, 6-hour course (Classroom or Livestream), and held one Saturday a month. It can be purchased separately or as part of a Career Start Package.

CompuCram® does the same thing but online, and uses a sophisticated tracking system that predicts when you’re ready to take the test! Drill questions around the clock using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 86.5% of CompuCram® users pass their licensing exam the first time!

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