Polley Policies: Classroom Use And Conduct

When enrolling and participating in any Polley Associates’ course in any form of delivery that involves live or delayed interaction with an instructor and/or other individuals, prospective, current, and former students agree to be bound by these policies on classroom use and conduct:

Class Audits

Polley Associates does NOT permit unregistered or unpaid individual to monitor its classes. Those in a course must be registered student.

Cancellations due to inclement weather

On rare occasions, Polley Associates may be required to cancel a class or classes due to inclement weather. We’ve made it easy for our students to know which, if any, classes are canceled. During business hours, call (610) 353-6776 to speak with a staff member. After business hours, call (610) 353-6776 and choose Option 5 for pre-recorded messages on cancellations.


Children under age 18 are NOT permitted in Polley Associates’ classrooms. They also are NOT permitted to participate in any other form of course delivery.


Polley Associates reserves the right to refund tuition fees and refuse continued admission to any class if a learner disrupts the learning atmosphere of the classroom.

Transcript distributions

Learners who require official transcripts of results in Polley classes will receive them, usually by mail, two weeks after they pass their course exam.

Examination grading and re-takes

Should a learner fail an end-of-course exam, a re-take exam will be mailed to the learner if appropriate and not prohibited by regulatory agencies or course providers. Requests for exam grades will not be honored or disclosed via phone or fax.

Inquiries and correspondence

Please direct all inquiries to Polley Associates, 3129 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square, PA 19073-4107. Phone: 610-353-6776 or toll-free 800- 220-2789 (Eastern Pennsylvania), 800-248-3004 (Western Pennsylvania). Fax: (610) 353-5438 or toll-free 888-941-9500. E-Mail: Polley@PolleyAssociates.com.


Instructors encourage questions from learners during class sessions. Questions should be brief and pertinent to the subject being discussed. Personal questions must be held for the end of class.


The learning experience is a shared responsibility between the learner and Polley Associates’ instructors. Learners are urged to complete all reading and math assignments prior to the class sessions. Failure to complete assignments will result in a slower classroom pace, reduced learning, and possibly failing course exams.

Special needs and accommodations

We intend our classrooms to be open to all, although we may need to make reasonable accommodations from time to time. Learners must advise Polley in advance of special needs they may have due to a disability or handicap.


Polley Associates reserves the right to change textbooks, class dates and times, course delivery methods, instructors and/or outlines at its sole discretion.

Use of calculators, computers, and handheld and mobile devices

Only battery-powered and noiseless devices are permitted, only with an instructor’s permission, and only so long as such devices do not prove to be a distraction to the instructor, any other individuals, or the class as a whole.

Use of recording equipment

Using of any device to record a class session in any manner is NOT permitted.

Use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal substances

Use of tobacco in any form, or the consumption or use of alcohol or illegal substances in any form, is NOT permitted in any Polley Associates facility. At the sole discretion of management, smoking may be permitted outside buildings where Polley classes are held.

Health Concerns

By entering the classroom, you are agreeing to the parameters for the operation that have been established in compliance with PA Department of Health Guidelines. Just as we cannot guarantee you would not be exposed to any other type of communicable viruses, such as the flu, we cannot guarantee it here. By attending a classroom-based course, you accept responsibility for this risk and agree to not hold Realty Seminars, Inc., Polley Associates, or any of its employees or contractors liable for any illness or injury. 

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