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In ‘Big Month Number 2,’ Are You Selling 10 Percent More Homes?

NEWTOWN SQUARE PA – “Big Month Number 2″ is under way.

April, according to the Trulia.com Pro Blog, is one of Pennsylvania’s two biggest months for online home-hunting. Big Month Number 1, by the way, is March. During each, the real estate website reported, online traffic searching houses for sale is 10-percent higher than the state’s annualized monthly average. As a sales licensee, Trulia asks, what are YOU doing to ensure your real estate practice benefits from all those additional searchers?

If you don’t know, or you haven’t yet gotten started, there’s no time like the present to learn. Trulia writer Jovan Hackley, in an article posted Tuesday (April 2, 2013), makes these suggestions:

  • Step up your online prospecting. It’s a prime opportunity to improve your online presentations of yourself, the homes you’ve listed, and the way you and your own website appeal to potential clients.
  • Make your homes-sold history available. Owners who plan to sell real estate in the future may be doing research now to learn how many comparable properties in their area have sold, and at what prices. This is valuable information to offer prospective sellers. It also creates a perfect forum to describe how you, the expert in your neighborhoods, marketed a property to get the best result for its sellers.
  • Feature your listings. It’s been said before: the more you show and tell, the more you sell. Take a critical look at your online listings. Are they accompanied by 20, 30 or more photos? Are they paired with walk-around, walk-through, walk-in-and-about videos? Are there street views, yard views, overhead views? Is there an embedded map that shows not only the listing’s location, but its proximity to stores, schools, parks? Make every listing stand out to those who are interested.

AND IF YOU’RE IN NEW JERSEY … double this advice. Like Pennsylvania, your state’s buyer activity is peaking in March and April. Unlike Pennsylvania, however, Jersey sales people enjoy two additional months – June and July – when online home searching also is 10 percent or more above the state’s annualized average.