Builder Study, Manufacturer Sales Show Moulding’s Popularity

MAUMEE OH – One company’s consistent growth in the sale of crown moulding, the decorative trim element that gives a finished look to the intersection of walls and ceilings within a home, seems to support results of a 2012 study by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) that shows a majority of prospective housing purchasers seek it out as a desired feature.

Ohio-based moulding manufacturer Fypon LLC said Wednesday (April 3, 2013) it’s enjoyed “ongoing strength of crown moulding sales” over the years. Its success bolsters the NAHB study’s conclusion that 62 percent of buyers prefer crown mouldings in the home, ranking it just behind ceiling fans and built-in shelving as most desirable.

Fypon makes urethane crown mouldings that can be installed by builders at the time of construction, and by home owners and do-it-yourselfers as a “fairly easy” post-purchase project. Company spokesperson Anita Piety refers to the phenomenon as “a double whammy of popularity.”

Results from the NAHB study, titled “What Home Buyers Really Want,” also indicate that consumers’ desire for crown moulding in the home has steadily climbed. In the 2004 study, 51 percent of respondents rated crown moulding as “essential or desirable;” in 2007 it rose to 61 percent, and rose again last year to 62 percent.

“Crown moulding is a timeless product,” Piety claimed. “There are such a wide variety of designs and sizes that anyone can match up a home style with the appropriate crown moulding.” Fypon offers thousands of decorative millwork elements in a variety of architectural styles to enhance the interior and exterior of homes, she added.

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