Yes, Pennsylvania Licensees Can Obtain A New Jersey Real Estate License. Learn How

NEWTOWN SQUARE PA – More and more Pennsylvania real estate licensees are interested in obtaining their New Jersey real estate license.

Pennsylvania agents can do business in New Jersey, but they must be dual licensees; in other words, they must have a PA license and a New Jersey real estate license as well. Dual licensees must be supervised by a broker who also holds a license in PA and NJ.

The New Jersey State Real Estate Commission has demonstrated its willingness to issue New Jersey real estate licenses to Pennsylvania residents who want to work on both sides of the river. The Commission has very specific requirements, however, that must be met before licensure is granted. They’re explained on a page in the Polley website’s Learning and Resource Center, here.

To qualify, New Jersey requires Pennsylvania licensees to take a 15-hour broker course approved by the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission. (See Item 1 under the “Second Option” heading on the Learning and Resource Center page). Polley Associates regularly offers 15-hour broker courses that can be used for this purpose, available in both classrooms or via Livestream.

There are other requirements, too. And, yes, prospective New Jersey licensees must take a test; there is no reciprocity with Pennsylvania. Read the details on the page.

If you’re a Pennsylvania-licensed broker who wants to obtain a New Jersey broker license, that’s also possible. Those details are found on a separate page, here.

Polley Associates is Pennsylvania’s oldest and largest “approved provider” school for real estate career professionals. It also meets the needs of licensees in New Jersey and partners with the Center for Specialized Real Estate Education to bring designation and certification courses to REALTORS® across the country.

Last updated 2022.06.14