Program: Real Estate Brokerage


What’s That Real Estate Broker License Class About?

The what, where, and when of Polley broker classes Here’s a list (below) of Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission-approved broker license classes offered by Polley Associates. Polley offers both  “live” (led by an instructor in a classroom) and online (Internet accessible) classes. Polley Associates’ real estate broker license classes are periodically offered at classrooms in …

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Broker PA: ‘Required,’ ‘Developed,’ And ‘Elective’

A real estate broker’s education is really in-depth State law demands Pennsylvania brokers be as knowledgeable as possible about the ins-and-outs of real estate. To that end, it requires prospective broker licensees to take 240 hours of specialized education before they qualify to sit for the licensing exam. Every 15 hours of authorized education equals …

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Broker PA: Which Courses Are Available Online?

What PA broker courses does Polley offer online? The Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission has approved only four: Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, Valuation of Residential Property, Basic Residential Appraisal Principles, and Basic Residential Appraisal Procedures. These are classified as Commission-approved, or elective, courses. To learn why course tiers make a difference to broker candidates, read …

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Polley Policies: Privacy

These are our policies concerning privacy and the use of our website or other forms of communication. 1) Polley Associates (also identified herein as “we” and “us” and “our”) has adopted a set of information management guidelines that serve as the basis for our customer relationships. These guidelines have been developed with the recognition that …

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