Polley Courses: ‘Mortgage Fraud, Consumer Protection and Reverse Mortgages’

Mortgage Fraud, Consumer Protection and Reverse Mortgages

This course starts by taking a close look at mortgage fraud in real estate transactions, including the history of mortgage fraud and its impact on consumers. It examines participants in fraud cases, as well as the role of agencies in monitoring fraud. Then it identifies various types of mortgage fraud schemes and mechanisms involved, as well as identify red flags to watch for.

The second portion focuses attention on consumer protection and its role as it relates to mortgage advertising.

Finally, the course wraps up with a look at reverse mortgages by identifying the types, requirements, payment options, and providers as they relate to consumers and the law.

Course State Approval: Continuing education for Pennsylvania real estate broker and salesperson license renewal.

This is a one-day, 7-hour, live classroom course consisting of three state-approved topics. No post-course exam is given. It is approved by, and meets 7 hours of continuing education requirements set by, the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission. It can be combined with other courses to fulfill all 14 hours of continuing education required by the Commission for a real estate salesperson’s or broker’s biennial license renewal during the 2014-2016 cycle that ends at midnight on May 31, 2016.

Price: $85

Student Material: This course may be accompanied by in-class materials distributed by Polley Associates.


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