Polley Courses: ‘Selling HUD Properties and Forms Update’

Learn How HUD Property Sales Have Changed; See What’s New In Forms

The first portion of this course intends to teach real estate licensees how to sell Housing and Urban Development (HUD) properties through new HUD contractors who are responsible for listing and disposing of HUD homes. Few agents or consumers currently understand how to navigate new procedures mandated by the HUD purchasing process.

HUD has replaced local contractors with national ones. The agency streamlined its systems and now all sales originate from a single website, at which real estate licensees and consumers can locate all HUD properties for sale. Licensees can also research properties to be purchased, and close on those properties from the same central website.

HUD changed its rules and process across the country. Real estate licensees who are NOT tuned into these changes are experiencing difficulty when they attempt to sell an HUD REO, or bank-owned, property. With tips and tools offered here, real estate licensees can provide competent assistance to buyer clients who choose to purchase HUD-owned properties.

The second portion of this course demonstrates how Agreement of Sale forms revised by the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS (PAR) are just the tip of the forms iceberg.

Go beyond the standard agreement. You’ll find not only a host of forms covering every conceivable contractual need in the profession, but recent changes to frequently used forms as well. Moreover, there are common mistakes in using some forms that have occurred with almost every agent during his or her relationship with a client.

Participants will learn tips, tricks and shortcuts in form usage; how and why to choose one form over another; and how using the right form can likely save an agent’s commission, yield a happier client, and generate repeat business.

Course State Approval: Continuing education for Pennsylvania real estate broker and salesperson license renewal.

This is a one-day, 7-hour, live classroom course. No post-course exam is given. It is approved by, and meets 7 hours of continuing education requirements set by, the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission. It can be combined with other courses to fulfill all 14 hours of continuing education required by the Commission for a real estate salesperson’s or broker’s biennial license renewal during the 2012-2014 cycle that ends at midnight on May 31, 2014.

Price: $75

Student Material: This course may be accompanied by in-class materials distributed by Polley Associates.


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